• Spiritual mentoring with Karen has moved me to a deeper connection with the Divine.

    — Virg Fryer – Pastor

  • Karen is the best kept secret in New Hampshire!

    — Tony Sacco

  • Karen’s classes have been total game changers in my life!

    — Sean Snow (Ironman Triathlete)

  • Karen’s yoga classes are the perfect outlet for me to get calm, centered and grounded.

    — Rich Clune (NHL Hockey Player – Nashville Predators)

  • Karen was born to teach and to encourage growth.

    — Joy Steinberg

  • Karen's genuine and compassionate. She's got a great sense of humor and she knows her stuff.

    — Cathy Sturtevant

  • Karen's teaching is like no other... You want to share it with all your friends!

    — Nichole Beaudoin

  • Karen knows our potential and won’t let us settle for less!

    — Laurie Jirak

  • Karen is changing the world, one yoga student at a time.

    — Deirdre Martin

  • Karen is an authentic teacher who meets the world with an open heart .

    — Bob Holleman

  • Karen offers down-to-earth Transcendence.

    — Gino Tiella

  • Karen's straight forward honesty and sharing of her story helped me to reconnect to God.

    — Rick Lee

  • Karen has touched the lives of others in many profound and beautiful ways.

    — Avantika Waleryszak (Founder – Still Point Healing Method)

  • There's no one I'd rather have in my corner than Karen Kenney.

    — Shai Plonski (Founder – Still Light Centre)

  • Karen's yoga classes are the perfect outlet for me to get centered, calm and grounded.

    — Rich Clune (Nashville Predators – NHL)

  • When Karen speaks and teaches, you'll want to go hug your neighbor and forgive your foes.

    — Irene Solea (Kirtan Artist)

  • Karen’s gentle and kind way of teaching has changed my life in a HUGE way.

    — Connie Hamel




Something happened to me this week, that’s actually happened to me many, many times before. I normally keep my big mouth shut about these kind of things, not wanting to name names, call people out or embarrass anyone. But the outcome of this latest situation was so good, so positive that I’ve decided to share […]



Two weeks ago, I had the true pleasure of spending 5 days of intensive writing and training with these amazing women: Sylvie, Kathleen, Regina, Jodi, (Kasha – Suzanne’s mom and our yummy snack provider), Katie, Dulcie, Suzanne and Minton! (Plus Jeff, our amazing photographer and memory maker!) These beautiful women are not only fierce and […]



I was hanging out with a few friends and we got to talking about our goals and dreams. We each shared what we hoped to create over the next few years. Part of my vision included: finish writing my book and getting it published, teaching more workshops, creating a Yoga & Writing retreat, offering more […]


  • MVG


    We’re excited to announce the 2nd Annual NH YOGA RETREAT will be held October 16-18, 2015. This super fun weekend immersion will return to the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa. $150 deposit required. We’re limiting it to 100 people – reserve your spot now!

  • KK - B&W 2


    I was totally honored to be invited on the show, “A Congruent Life” – hosted by Andy Gray. A Congruent Life is an interview project sharing the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things: discovering their passions and living authentic, amazing lives. Check out the interview!

  • YT Mentor


    I love working with new and experienced yoga teachers to help them discover their authentic voice, refine their practical skills and develop their yoga business. It’s an honor supporting them on their journey to becoming more compassionate, creative and confident yoga teachers.

  • _DSC0735


    The goal of Spiritual Mentoring is not to “fix” you – but rather to offer you an opportunity to experience conscious communication, compassionate support, honest feedback and spiritual guidance – through which you can learn to navigate your life from a place of Love instead of Fear.

  • Topher


    I love getting to co-create with my super talented sweetie, Chris Lester! Please join us for some LIVE MUSIC & FEARLESS FLOW YOGA at NH Audubon in Concord, NH ~ Monday, December 1 at 6:00pm.  

  • Yoga & Writing


    We know yoga helps quiet the mind. When we silence the parts of our brains associated with criticism – our writing, our art, and even our lives can reach new heights and depths and totally expand with creative brilliance. Check out my week-long Yoga & Writing Workshop at Omega – May 17-22, 2015.