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  • The only way to describe Karen's class - it's like going to yoga, church, and therapy all in one night.

    — ~ Jodi Hanley

  • Spiritual mentoring with Karen has moved me to a deeper connection with the Divine.

    — Virg Fryer – Pastor

  • Karen is the best kept secret in New Hampshire!

    — Tony Sacco

  • Karen’s classes have been total game changers in my life!

    — Sean Snow (Ironman Triathlete)

  • Karen’s yoga classes are the perfect outlet for me to get calm, centered and grounded.

    — Rich Clune (NHL Hockey Player – Toronto Maple Leafs)

  • Karen was born to teach and to encourage growth.

    — Joy Steinberg

  • Karen's genuine and compassionate. She's got a great sense of humor and she knows her stuff.

    — Cathy Sturtevant

  • Karen's teaching is like no other... You want to share it with all your friends!

    — Nichole Beaudoin

  • Karen knows our potential and won’t let us settle for less!

    — Laurie Jirak

  • Karen is changing the world, one yoga student at a time.

    — Deirdre Martin

  • Karen is an authentic teacher who meets the world with an open heart .

    — Bob Holleman

  • Karen offers down-to-earth Transcendence.

    — Gino Tiella

  • Karen's straight forward honesty and sharing of her story helped me to reconnect to God.

    — Rick Lee

  • Karen has touched the lives of others in many profound and beautiful ways.

    — Avantika Waleryszak (Founder – Still Point Healing Method)

  • There's no one I'd rather have in my corner than Karen Kenney.

    — Shai Plonski (Founder – Still Light Centre)

  • Karen's yoga classes are the perfect outlet for me to get centered, calm and grounded.

    — Rich Clune (Nashville Predators – NHL)

  • When Karen speaks and teaches, you'll want to go hug your neighbor and forgive your foes.

    — Irene Solea (Kirtan Artist)

  • Karen’s gentle and kind way of teaching has changed my life in a HUGE way.

    — Connie Hamel




When my sweetie Chris and I first got together, he was still navigating a difficult divorce. So one day, I decided to give him a necklace as a gift. It was a simple thing really – it had just a plain black cord with a rectangular piece of silver hanging from it. The metal was flat and smooth with […]



In October, I was lucky enough to spend an evening with my beloved teacher and friend Marianne Williamson when she spoke at the Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge. She shared many important things that night that landed in my heart but two things in particular deeply struck me. The first comment was about Commitment and it triggered […]

Love Wins


When I was at my hair appointment on Tuesday – I read a story on FaceBook about a 62 year old, local woman, Denise Robert – who was out for a walk on Sunday night in a “safe” Manchester neighborhood and was randomly shot and killed. I said out loud, “What the f*ck is wrong […]

Bapuji - Swami K


Open a newspaper, go on FB or read your Yahoo News Feed and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the frightening stories that appear. Beheadings, mass murders, water droughts, factory farming, starving children, people burning down churches and arguing over flags! Yikes! It’s enough to make you feel like we’re moving backwards and living in crazy dark times. So […]



(Graphic Credit: I’ve always been a sensitive person. Ever since I was little, I’ve been really aware of other people’s (and animal’s) emotions. Able to feel subtle shifts in their moods and changes in their vibe/energy and whether I liked it or not, I could also sense their suffering. My mother, who I believe also had this “sensitivity”, nurtured […]



As most of you already know, two of my greatest passions are yoga and writing. The more I’ve practiced both of these creative arts, the more I’ve discovered a deep spiritual connective thread that weaves the two of them together. So much so that in 2006, I offered my first Yoga & Writing workshop at my studio. The relationship between the two has become […]