In this Yoga & Writing: Creating Fearless Flow 6-day Retreat, the unique power of yoga will prepare you for the amazing experience of  writing openly and freely, so you can stoke your creative fire, align yourself for limitless possibility and write the stories you’re destined to tell.

We know yoga helps calm, quiet and focus the mind. When we can silence the parts of our brains associated with criticism – our writing, our art, and even our lives can reach new heights and depths and totally expand and flow with creative brilliance.

Combining the magic of yoga with this positive, love centered approach to writing, you’ll step into the profound experience of Fearless Flow. You’ll learn to quiet the inner critic so you can create without (or less) fear, discover your own innate talent and genius, understand the exceptional connection between yoga and free-flowing creativity and prepare your body to become a receptive vessel for Divine Inspiration.

When sharing your writing, no critiquing will be offered, just kind comments that shine a light on what we LOVED about the work, where the energy and power lies and where the writing is strongest and brightest. No tearing down is ever allowed – we only enthusiastically build up! My philosophy is based on this one simple belief: Teach Only Love – For That Is What You Are.

This Fearless Flow workshop is a culmination of all that I am. I’m bringing together the best of what I’ve learned from a lifetime of studying, practicing, teaching, creating, mentoring and writing. It’s a big love-filled offering that’s a kaleidoscope blend of my own ideas and discoveries, and of course, also inspired by all of my amazing yoga teachers, spiritual mentors and writing teachers, that I’ve been blessed to learn from over the years.

This workshop also provides you access to a community of like-minded peers who can cheerlead you in this wild ride of combining yoga with creativity. It’s beneficial to writers of all genres and levels, newbies to novelists, journalers to journalists, bloggers to best-selling authors. Everyone is welcome!



I’ve never been held so well or seen as deeply as when I first stepped into Karen Kenney’s fierce fairy-godmother midst.  With her quick wit, unfaltering focus and her ability to make you laugh your ass off while you’re challenging the places where you feel most stuck, Karen Kenney has the mix you need to transform your life. Combining writing with her vast experience in spiritual mentoring, Yoga and Thai massage, Karen can show you how to move further into those places that hurt and see both the humor and compassion in the places that feel a little broken. Karen knows authentic writing when she sees it and can dig deep to help you bring out yours. Come on in and watch your life change. ~ Suzanne Kingsbury

Karen Kenney is a wizard of the highest order and her ability to share the magic is life changing. I’ve never had someone so gifted and present to Spirit work with me. She blind-sided me with her writing and her seamless, singing way of delivering the “now” inside of her story. She’s a one-of-a-kind Salon and Writing Workshop leader. I’ve never met anyone who could bring the body’s brilliance to the page like she does. I’d go back again tomorrow and the next day.  ~ Minton Sparks

Days after writing with Karen I’m still feeling grounded and energized from her teaching. Her workshop opened my heart and let me write, unafraid and supported. She let me deep dive into my words and write from a truly inspired place. She’s the kind of teacher – of person, you always want by your side! ~ Kate Baldwin

Karen has the skill and the heart to not only take you where you want to go but to take you to where you didn’t even know you wanted to go. Her heartful presence, her directness, her authentic voice, and her reverence for the human experience shine in both her writing and her teaching. A workshop or a salon with Karen is something not to be missed. ~ Dulcie Witman 


DATE: May 21 – 26, 2017

PLACE: Omega Institute – Rhinebeck, NY



Yoga-Writing-Omega 2017