Thai Yoga is an ancient and holistic healing system that combines assisted yoga postures, compassionate touch and energy work. Together these techniques result in a unique therapeutic treatment that can help alleviate many kinds of chronic stress symptoms, muscle aches and pains.

During a session, a meditative practitioner gracefully guides and supports you through a series of passive yoga postures while gently stretching and compressing your muscles. You get to simply relax and safely receive the benefits of each yoga pose without having to do any of the work!

Thai Yoga is wonderful for eliminating muscle tension while also increasing mobility and flexibility. It improves circulation, encourages deep breathing and helps bring your body and mind back to their natural state of balance, equilibrium and well being.



Perhaps the most important element of this practice is receiving Metta – the spirit of loving kindness and compassion. Treating yourself to a Thai Yoga Session is one of the best ways to slow down, let go and experience a state of deep relaxation and peace in your body, mind and spirit.

Thai Yoga is performed fully clothed on top of a cushioned floor mat – no oils or creams are used. Every session will be tailored to your individual needs. Anyone can benefit from this kind of yoga therapy regardless of their age or flexibility.

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60 Minute Session: $100

90 Minute Session: $125


Karen Kenney is a certified Thai Yoga Practitioner. She’s studied Thai Yoga Massage extensively with her primary teacher Shai Plonski – founder of the Still Light Centre in Toronto and Kam Thye Chow, founder of the Lotus Palm School. She assists Thai Yoga trainings and workshops with Shai Plonski at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.


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