“What would you do with your Life –

if Fear wasn’t an issue?”

This is a question that my spiritual mom and mentor, Marianne Williamson asked me one day about 20 years ago. It was a powerful question that stopped me dead in my tracks. I’ve been asking myself and my students this ever since.

Seriously, consider this – how would your life look if you were willing to choose Love instead of Fear? What would it be like to wake up feeling calm, creative and connected to Spirit? How would it feel to finally let go of your hurts, judgements and shame and live more fully from a place of forgiveness and ease? What would you do and how would you be of service in the world, if you knew the truth of your purpose?

In our one-to-one sessions – we’ll work together to answer these kinds of questions. We’ll identify and transform the unconscious thought and behavioral patterns that keep you feeling stuck, playing small and sabotaging your dreams. The goal is not to “fix” you – but rather offer you an opportunity to go within, experience conscious communication and receive compassionate support, honest feedback and spiritual guidance.



“Spiritual mentoring with Karen has moved me in the direction of deeper connectedness with the ivine, and expanded my daily spiritual practice. Karen’s compassion, balanced by her no nonsense call to accountability opens my eyes, heart and mind to a holiness within all of life.  This has re shaped me as a person, parent, pastor and a spouse. What a blessing and delight Karen truly is!” ~ Rev. Virginia Fryer, pastor Bow Mills United Methodist Church

Our sessions will be co-created. We’ll draw upon your own innate gifts and intuition – plus all the diverse tools that I’ve gathered throughout my lifetime. Our experience will be inspired and informed by my years of studying and teaching yoga and also being a longtime student of A Course in Miracles, Passage Meditation, Gateless Gate Writing and other healing modalities.

Just like we exercise to build our physical muscles – through this kind of mentoring we develop our spiritual muscles. We’ll tap into your inner strength, higher power and knowing – allowing you to cultivate a closer connection with the “God” of your understanding. It’s from this soul center where Spirit and Love already abides that you’ll learn to make choices grounded in clarity, compassion and courage.

I know change is hard, uncomfortable and sometimes scary, but we never know when our last exhale is coming. So, what would you do with your life – if fear wasn’t an issue? Let’s find out together!

*As a mentor, my intention is to create a safe and sacred space where you can learn how to let go of fear and live from love. I’m the right mentor for you if you’re:

 • Ready to be responsible for your own happiness (& suffering)

 • Willing to be honest and vulnerable

 • Able to laugh at yourself and this crazy, incredible life

 • Tired of acting/feeling like a victim

• Done with playing small

 • Open to straight forward, compassionate feedback

 • Not offended by the occasional swear word

 • Not freaked out by words like God, Spirit, Divinity

 • Excited to shine your Light!



If there’s ever been a safe place to take a leap of faith, this is it.

This is your opportunity to choose Love over Fear – an invitation to awaken to what’s possible.

Discover a new sense of confidence, courage and freedom.

Here you have permission to shine.

No more playing small, no more sabotaging your dreams, no more settling for less.

You can have a grievance or you can have a miracle. You can make excuses or you can transform your life – you can’t do both.

Now’s your time. It won’t always be easy – but no one else can do this for you.

Are You Ready to Step Into Your Power.  

Forgive Your Humanity – Live Your Divinity.



1) THE LEAP OF FAITH: 1 (60 minute Session) – $150 

2) STEP INTO YOUR POWER: 4 (60 minute Sessions) – 1 month commitment – $550

3) STAND IN YOUR DIVINITY: 12 (60 Minute Sessions) – 3 month commitment – $1500

To schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit, please email: Karen@KarenKenney.com


“Karen is the best kept secret in New Hampshire! She’s an amazing teacher with a unique ability to combine the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga practice. I’ve always come away from her class feeling renewed. When she mentioned Spiritual Mentoring, I was immediately interested in seeing what that was all about. So I scheduled a private session with her. Karen has a sixth sense about understanding where a person is at and an ability to gently guide you in the right direction. I had some issues with people in my past that I think were a roadblock to my future. We were able to discuss these things and come up with a plan to move forward. In much the same way that Karen talks to us in yoga class, I came away from our session with a renewed spirit. I let go of some things that were holding me back, learned how to incorporate a few new things into my own spiritual practice and my life changed for the better. I thank Karen for giving me the jumpstart I needed. I highly recommend her as a Spiritual Mentor.” ~ Dr. Tony Sacco (Optometrist)