I understand that trying something new, especially in a group setting, can be very intimidating. Private & Semi-Private yoga classes are a wonderful way to introduce you to the practice of yoga in a safe, fun and relaxing way. Working one-to-one, you’ll receive individualized attention that is focused on your unique abilities and needs.

For new students, private classes can give you the opportunity to ask questions, practice at your own pace, and establish a solid foundation of knowledge, awareness and experience, so that you’ll feel more confident about joining a group class or starting a consistent self-practice at home.

Experienced students can also benefit from Private instruction. It provides a means to refine physical skills and learn more about yoga philosophy, breathing practices and meditation. Private yoga lessons can be used to address concerns such as injuries, therapeutic healing, energy balancing and can even help transform habits, including postural misalignment and breathing patterns.

Whether you’re trying yoga for the first time, need help navigating an injury, want to understand a certain posture better or would just like to practice at a convenient time that works for your schedule – we can create a yoga practice and experience designed just for you!


Private Yoga Session – 1 person: $150/Hour

Semi-Private Session – 2 people: $175/Hour

Add $25 – for each extra person/Hour


To schedule a Session: 603.608.7590 or